Mar 30

Black & Decker FireStorm 18V Battery DIY

Well I love my Black and Decker FireStorm 18v combo pack but the down side is it’s several years old the batteries died.  I have been looking online for over a year now for replacement batteries and refuse to pay $60+ a battery or 140+ for 2 (upgraded batteries.  Really your normal 18v 2 battery/drill combo pack is only 59.00….. I don’t want a new drill though.

So I went to my local harbor freight tonight and noticed that they have a 18v battery pack (Chicago Electric Power Tools – Item#68860) and it struck me just how much it looked like my B&D battery pack.  So i used my 25% off coupon and picked one of these up total was $11.00

DISCLAIMER: (IF YOU ATTEMPT THIS YOU ARE DOING IT AT YOUR OWN RISK….I am not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform.)

Now continue reading….

Side by side comparison


First thing was to take them apart and see how the layout of the batteries….. (Why look at that they are the same configuration except for the plug….


So now to swap the batteries, simply switch the cases, and move on to the next step….. since this isn’t plug and play it did involve a soldering iron. I had to solder the leads on the new wires.



You will notice that the leads plug into the black plastic part on top of the battery (MARK the postiive terminal, mine was the white wire and the top prong (pictured above) Always check with a multi meter).

After assembly here is the old battery voltage and the new battery voltages.

(Old battery has 1.79 volts left)



New Battery is right on :) 20140329_210206


End result: (New battery on the left and the old one sitting on the right ready for disposal via battery store)



My New/Old B&D Firestorm 18v20140329_213522




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Mar 16

Random Shots of the Last Few Weekends

Just some random shots, Please visit here for the full photo gallery here


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Mar 09

Greenville, SC HDR Bridge Photo

Thought I’d share one of my photos while out walking around today…..  If you remember my previous photos being on top of the bridge, well this time I was able to get under the bridge in the river and snap this. Be sure to visit my photography site: for all the updates.

If you would like to purchase use the contact for to send me a message.


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Feb 19

Installing tftpd32 as a service

Here is my instructions for making it a Windows Service using MS instsrv.exe and srvany.exe from Windows 2000 Resource Kit. (Sorry Can’t link it here)

  • Download tftpd from here
  • Install tftpd on your system, I installed it on C:\Program Files\tftpd , and my explanation will be using this dir.
  • Get the files instsrv.exe and srvany.exe from the Resource Kit and copy them to a directory on your system (I copied them to C:\Tools)
  • Open a cmd (Start -> Run -> cmd) and do the followings:
    • c:
    • cd \Tools
    • instsrv tftpd c:\Tools\srvany.exe
  • Open the registry (Start -> Run -> regedt32)
  • Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\tftpd : create a ‘Parameters’ key
  • Under the above key, create a new ‘String Value’ with the name ‘Application’ of type REG_SZ and specify there C:\Program Files\tftpd\tftpd32.exe
  • Close your running tftpd32 (if you have one) and check with netstat -a that nothing is listenning on UDP tftpd port (69)
  • Goto services (left click on “My Computer” -> Manage -> Services and Applications -> Services) and start the tftpd service.
  • Check now with netstat -a that there is a sevice that listen on UDP tftpd port, the output should look like this (the important line is the last):
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Feb 19

What Chromecast apps do you need?

So you have a Google Chromecast but you find that you are limited in what you are able to do with it, or i should say you thought you were limited.  This is going to be a series of post so make sure you subscribe as the apps change daily/weekly.  Remember that you also have the ability to cast a Chrome tab to your TV and even cast your entire desktop (Experimental Beta), if you would like to know how it will be below the apps.

The built in apps for the Chromecast can be found here

Red Bull TV, Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play TV & Movies, Google Play Music,
Vevo (new), Songza (new), Plex (new), PostTV (new), Viki (New), RealPlayer Cloud (new)

Now for the Other apps that are out or in development:

  • Gallery Cast – You can cast your local photos and videos (ad supported)
  • WatzOnTV – An online TV service that you cast to your TV.  (I haven’t used this yet but the reviews aren’t that great but give it a shot its free).
  •  Dayframe – Offers more than local image casting and you can use your Google+ feeds, Instragram, Twitter, Facebook and a lot more. You interact with the images, can plus, like and share from your phone all while they are on the big screen. Dayframe is free but you will need to upgrade to Pro to utilize the Chromecast features.
  • Mono (Online Music Player) - Mono is for discovering and listening to music. It gives you access to the entire world of artists, their releases, their top tracks, their media. You can configure music sources for playback, including your local files, SoundCloud and of course YouTube (Google Music is temporarily broken) either on your device or on Chromecast. You can view artist bios, images, events, similar artists and can build playlists easily and share them. Start today with a free 21-day trial, after which you can continue with a minimal in-app subscription ($0.99/yr) that includes a further 7 days free.
  • PodCast Addict - With Podcast Addict, manage all your audio & video Podcasts as well as your YouTube channels and News feeds from your Android device.
    Subscribe to your favorite podcasts using the embedded networks (5by5, ABC, AfterBuzz TV, BBC, CBC, Channel 9 (MSDN), CNN, ESPN, FrogPants, LibriVox, NPR, Revision3, Smodcast, Twit, …).
  • Cast Player - Now you can watch movies on Chrome and control (play, pause, etc) from your mobile device.
  • Juice for Chromecast - (Really Good) - Did you just take some pictures or videos on your Android device and want to share them with everyone else in the room? Juice for Chromecast is the easiest way to send those photos, videos and even music to your Chromecast connected TV. You do not need to sign up for any service or use an external server. All you need is this app and a Chromecast device.
    (Note: the app is free to try. An in-app purchase of $2.99 will unlock all the features)
  • Cast for Muzei - Cast beautiful wallpapers from Chromecast directly on your Android phone via Cast for Muzei!

More to come so please check back……



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Feb 18

Google Chromecast, an apple TV alternative?

I purchased a Google Chromecast when they first came out and thought it was a great deal but at the time there wasn’t a ton of stuff you could do with it but since the SDK has been released there has been an explosion of vendors and app devs out there coming out with some really cool apps.  My big thing was being able to watch podcast like I would on the Apple TV and now there are several options.

For a full list of stuff you can do with the ChromeCast or if you have a idea you can visit here for alot of great info:

If you would like to purchase a chromecast below is the best deal I have seen:

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Feb 15

Playing with HDR Photography

Well i purchased the Creative Cloud from Adobe program for 9.99 a month and dab into some HDR photos… here is a preview below:  (Full Story here)


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Jan 11

AMD Systemboard Repair


Well my 45.00 thrift store computer worked for a little while then I started having boot issues with it.  I figured I’d crack the case open and just check some things out and glad I did…. I found the dreaded puffy caps. (Board is a KA3MVP)



Now upon seeing this I was thinking of the days where I use to see the Dell Optiplex GX270 blowing capacitors. Sometimes people don’t know that the caps are swollen and even if they are puffy the computer may work (well for a little while).

So I hopped on ebay and bought some new rubycon capacitors but it has been ages since I soldiered anything on a board.  So I cracked open my old kit and removed the old caps.. Key is to not leave the iron on the cap for a long period of time and use a soldier wick to clean it up some.



Now for the final product, my new caps and the system is working flawlessly now.  No start up issues anymore and it starts up within a few seconds instead of 20+ seconds to post.



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Jan 09

5 Video Tutorials On Kali Linux


I have been working with Kali Linux for a few days now and for those who don’t know Kali Linux is used for penetration testing, forensics use, and even more.

Here are some great video tutorials I would start off with.

Introduction to Kali Linux – The Linux Operating System Built For Hacking

Kali-Linux Install (Linux for Beginners!)

Kali Linux Install on the Raspberry Pi

How to Hack WiFi Tutorial – Sniffing WiFi Networks & Capturing Packets

How to Hack Wireless Codes (WPA2)

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Jan 09

Adding Chrome to Kali Linux

I started looking at Kali linux and honestly I don’t care for the default browser and wanted Chrome installed. Well by default the chrome installer doesn’t work but you can do the following

For the ones who do not know Kali linux is from the makers of BackTrack linux that was used for penetration of networks, forensics uses.  You can visit the link above to get a live version to run from a flash drive / CD.  I choose to install it on a computer I had laying around.

Now lets get Chrome installed.

Open a terminal and run the following (single line command):

(For X64 systems use the following)


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