AMD Systemboard Repair


Well my 45.00 thrift store computer worked for a little while then I started having boot issues with it.  I figured I’d crack the case open and just check some things out and glad I did…. I found the dreaded puffy caps. (Board is a KA3MVP)



Now upon seeing this I was thinking of the days where I use to see the Dell Optiplex GX270 blowing capacitors. Sometimes people don’t know that the caps are swollen and even if they are puffy the computer may work (well for a little while).

So I hopped on ebay and bought some new rubycon capacitors but it has been ages since I soldiered anything on a board.  So I cracked open my old kit and removed the old caps.. Key is to not leave the iron on the cap for a long period of time and use a soldier wick to clean it up some.



Now for the final product, my new caps and the system is working flawlessly now.  No start up issues anymore and it starts up within a few seconds instead of 20+ seconds to post.



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