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Help Keep Brothers Together


In 2012 we adopted a beautiful son from foster care. On August 19th 2014 we were chosen to bring his four day old brother home from the hospital. That Friday we were notified that DSS intends to move him to be placed with a not quite two year old sibling who has never met him. They also intend on disrupting the two year old’s placement in order to put them into a completely different home. I was told their goal was to re unify siblings. So it makes no sense to move my son’s baby brother. My child already knows him, understands that this is his brother, and is bonded with him. We will possibly need a lawyer before this is all done. And if we do, we’ll need one quickly. We are trying to raise enough funds to retain legal representation for our son’s brother.

Please share the link or donate either or will help..

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Black & Decker FireStorm 18V Battery DIY

Well I love my Black and Decker FireStorm 18v combo pack but the down side is it’s several years old the batteries died.  I have been looking online for over a year now for replacement batteries and refuse to pay $60+ a battery or 140+ for 2 (upgraded batteries.  Really your normal 18v 2 battery/drill combo pack is only 59.00….. I don’t want a new drill though.

So I went to my local harbor freight tonight and noticed that they have a 18v battery pack (Chicago Electric Power Tools – Item#68860) and it struck me just how much it looked like my B&D battery pack.  So i used my 25% off coupon and picked one of these up total was $11.00

DISCLAIMER: (IF YOU ATTEMPT THIS YOU ARE DOING IT AT YOUR OWN RISK….I am not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform.)

Now continue reading….

Side by side comparison


First thing was to take them apart and see how the layout of the batteries….. (Why look at that they are the same configuration except for the plug….


So now to swap the batteries, simply switch the cases, and move on to the next step….. since this isn’t plug and play it did involve a soldering iron. I had to solder the leads on the new wires.



You will notice that the leads plug into the black plastic part on top of the battery (MARK the postiive terminal, mine was the white wire and the top prong (pictured above) Always check with a multi meter).

After assembly here is the old battery voltage and the new battery voltages.

(Old battery has 1.79 volts left)



New Battery is right on :)20140329_210206


End result: (New battery on the left and the old one sitting on the right ready for disposal via battery store)



My New/Old B&D Firestorm 18v20140329_213522




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Hog Happnin BBQ Festival – Shelby NC

We were looking for something to do this past weekend and after doing several internet searches we found that Shelby, NC was having a BBQ Festival that they call Hog Happnin.  We took the hour and a half drive out there and the place was packed.  They had to move the location this year from the normal spot of the fair grounds due to e-coil outbreak.  They had some really awesome cars there but i only snapped a few pictures, I should have gotten more but was starvin and wanted some bbq. Click the link below to view my photography gallery for the event.


For full gallery visit ->

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Trip to Lake Lure, NC

Well we decided to load up the neices and the kiddo for a day trip but didn't tell them where we were going but gave them plenty of hints…. :)

This was the first time that all the kiddos have been on a boat and at first we thought they would have hated it but once he rev'd the motor and we took off they were truely excited and i know they had so much fun :)

I decided to snap some pictures and for more information on Lake Lure please visit here


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Sexy Santa Pub Crawl Charity Event

Details have been finalized for the Sexy Santa Pub Crawl

Please read all of the information below:

Registration is going to start at 6:45pm at The Corner Pocket. Registration is ONLY going to be at The Corner Pocket which means….tickets for prizes as well as the Santa Hats will only be available at The Corner Pocket.

Bars / Times
6:45pm – 8pm – The Corner Pocket
8pm – 8:45pm – Wild Wings
9pm– 9:45pm – Reys
10pm – 10:45pm – Meatheads
11pm – 11:45pm – DT’s
12am – ???? – The Underground

All participating venues are offering some domestics for $2 and a $3 liquor as well as no cover charges.
Cost for participation is $7 for those in a Christmas Themed outfit/costume or $10 for those who aren’t. Each paid participant will receive a raffle prize ticket, a Santa or Elf hat (to first 75 participants), and as well the drink specials mentioned above. We will be checking ID’s. You will have to have a wristband and sign a liability waiver in order to participate.

We have some GREAT door prizes for the end of the evening, so be sure to hang with the crew to the very end!!! To be eligible for the door prizes, you have to be a paid participant, have your ticket, as well as be present at the prize drawing (at the last stop – The Underground).

Please remember that the proceeds from this Pub Crawl are going to Toys for Tots, so your participation is making some kids out there…VERY VERY HAPPY…and we thank you!!!!

We are Crawling for a Purpose this time. We are hosting this event to benefit the Toys for Tots program. Proceeds from the door will be provided as a donation to this OUTSTANDING program.

LEGAL: Only those who are 21 or older are able to attend this event. The Greenville Social Scene requests those participating to act/drink responsibly. If you intend to attend this event, please ensure that you have transportation available for your trip home. We will have phone numbers of local cab services as well. This function is just a group getting together for a night on the town- The Greenville Social Scene nor its organizers are responsible for any incidents/accidents which may occur during this event. By attending this event the attendee understands that this is just a night out on the town and WILL NOT hold the Greenville Social Scene or its Organizers liable in any way for any issue/incident/accident which may occur during this event. Keep in mind your organizers reserve the right to omit, change, or substitute venues as seen fit depending on the group dynamics, scheduling, and/or venue participation.

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Adventures of Mr. Bill (and intel man)


Well this all started out as a joke with my wifes best friend when I saw Mr. Bill forsale in a local toy store and mention thats cool but i’m not spending 8 bux on that.  We left and went into another store and the best friend hands me a bag (which I thought was to carry) and she said no dummy open it.  She bought me Mr. Bill so I started taking pictures of my adventures with Mr. Bill at work, home, and out and about.  Check back often as he goes though some weird stuff, we won’t mention the vegas incident but if you click on my gallery link on the left or here you can see the pictures.

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Armed Services – Appreciation

Noticed this the other day while on our vacation in Daytona Beach eating lunch/dinner at “Pickadillies”. We got our food which looked alot better than it tasted but ended up sitting down in the middle of a National Guard/Reserve unit eating their food.  On several occasions during our meal and even after several older couples came up to the troops and individually hugged each one and thanked them for the service they are doing for our country.  Some of the people managed to even get a peck from the female troops lol, you really don’t see this now a days.  I have been out and about before with troops or sat around them and people just don’t do this in Greenville.  If they do at least I have never seen it.

Maybe it’s something with Flordia?  While down here for 3 days so far everyone has been so nice, nothing compare to back in greenville or even myrtle beach.  So next time you see any military personal take a moment and thank them, even if you don’t agree with what they are doing they are doing it because they have to follow orders!

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