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Dec 07

Windows 8/8.1 Networked Printers show as red x’s


Just thought i would write a quick blog post that if you have recently deployed a Windows 8 / 8.1 device and discover that the networked connected printers are showing as red’s then you may need to check with your vendor to see if they have a updated chipset drivers.  I know it sounds crazy …

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Jan 16

Teens, “Apple is dead, we want Microsoft & Samsung”

Teenagers know what's cool as many of you can tell teens generally like the opposite of what their parents find cool.  While Apple is still winning the market with the iPhone, iPad and the new Macs.  Just last week, reported that the younger crowd's opinion of apple dropping off faster than a car off …

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Aug 01

Windows Vista/7 Boot Winload.exe Error

Most likey if you move drives around or reimage computers from time to time the image hick ups and you have to fix the boot of the computer.  Here is the fix. To run the Bootrec.exe tool, you must start Windows RE. To do this, follow these steps: Put the Windows Vista or Windows 7 …

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