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iPad Cases Revisited

Having fixed quite a few iPads so far I find the common mistake is someone purchases a case thinking that it will protect their iPad.  I have seen some pretty cheesy foam cases, folding cases, etc that all have failed when it came to protecting the iPad.  The foam case that I reviewed worked great as long as the ipad fell on a corner and it would produce about a 3 ft bounce but failed when the iPad fell on its screen.  Typically damage I see on these devices is in the corners, it takes a pretty good blow to take one out and I have seen an entire corner destroyed but the screen was still intact, it was only when it fell on another corner did the screen shatter or crack.  So I thought it was time to revisit some popular cases…. as you can see below I'm only reviewing 2 cases, and to be honest if I find some better I'll review them but these are my trusted cases of choice.


1. The Otterbox Defender Series – Is the absolutely my favorite case, the first version for the iPad 2 didn't include a screen protector but the latest revision of the case includes a screen protector and it is a must have purchase for any new iPads we purchase at my work.  I have people that always come up to me and ask about whats the best case and this is what I tell them to get.  Now you can also get the Otterbox Cases for your iPhones too. Click here for the iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5 and the new iPad Mini.  The iPad Otterbox cases come in various colors and if you get an iPad for Christmas then you need one of these, its very cheap insurance….

Otterbox Defender Series for the iPad 2/3/4 
About $50.00 +/-


My second option for an iPad case would be the Life Proof Waterproof iPad Case offered by Lifeproof.  This is a awesome case that has protection and it is even waterproof, this would be the ultimate case I would have if I was outside alot or possible with the kiddos (you know sloober and iPads done mix). 

This case has a screen protector built in obviously, its waterproof.  Now for the details: 

Waterproof up to 2 meters (6.6 feet)
Dirt Proof (Yes, it seals the case in a ziplock type configuration
Snow Proof that keeps the ice and snow out according to IP-68 standards.
Shock Proof – Designed too military drop survivability specs of 4 feet or 1.2 meters

Life Proof Waterproof iPad Case

About 90.00 but its waterproof

And for the extreme you can even get a case that floats

Lifeproof LifeJacket Float for iPad 2/3/4 (1135) – 60.00 + 90.00 for the case but hey it floats


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iTunes 11 Arrives


iTunes 11 has been released by Apple, offering a fairly significant update to the music player and iOS device syncing app. A variety of new features have been added, the user interface has been redesigned and modernized, a new mini-player has been included, and there’s even a redesigned icon to go with it. This is the first major update to iTunes in quite some time and is available for both Mac OS X and Windows users.

Download iTunes 11

There are a variety of ways to grab the latest version:

  • Download from the Mac App Store (OS X 10.8 or later)
  • Get it from Software Update from the ? Apple menu (OS X 10.7 and before)
  • Update directly from iTunes itself
  • Download directly from Apple for Mac or Windows
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Apple Configurator 1.2 Released

Adds support for iOS6, Active Directory & Apple TV

Apple Configurator is gaining prominence as Apple's preferred iOS management utility. The latest version adds a wide array of improvements. From the release notes:

Apple Configurator 1.2 is a recommended update for all Apple Configurator users. This update is available from the Mac App Store, via the Updates tab.

What's new in version 1.2?

This update improves overall stability and performance, and includes the following:

  • Support for new iOS 6 features (Lock to App and Global HTTP Proxy) on supervised iOS devices
  • Support for these new iOS 6 restrictions on a supervised device:
  • Allow the removal of apps from the device
  • Allow use of iMessage
  • Allow access to iBookstore or the purchase of books classified as "Erotica" from iBookstore
  • Allow filtering of profanity for Siri
  • Allow use of Game Center
  • Allow the installation of new configuration profiles
  • Improved reliability when activating a new iPhone or iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • The last settings used on the Prepare pane are retained when Apple Configurator is quit and relaunched
  • Improved ability to update or restore devices that are currently in recovery mode
  • Members of Active Directory groups are now shown in the Assign pane
  • Paid apps from the App Store can now be installed in the Prepare pane only when a device is being supervised
  • Support for configuring advanced network options on Apple TV
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iPad Mini Released


Preorders start Oct 26th so mark your calendar!


iPad Mini Specs

  • 7.9″ display
  • 1024×768 resolution at 162PPI
  • A5 dual core CPU
  • 5MP iSight camera
  • Black and white models available, much like iPhone 5
  • 0.68lbs, light as a pad of paper
  • 7.2mm thin, as thin as as pencil
  • 10 hour battery

Pre-orders start October 26, and will be shipping on November 2nd. The base model starts at $329 and goes up from there, here is the pricing matrix:

iPad Mini Pricing

  • 16GB – $329
  • 32GB – $429
  • 64GB – $529

LTE models cost an additional $130 each.

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iPad 2/3 Keyboard Case Options?

Ok, i got some emails about why not putting up my ideas for the best case that includes a keyboard.  I personally had a keyboard case but didn't care for the keyboard as it was easier for me to type on the screen but for some this is a very hard task.  In my previous post I talked about the Magic pen that will let you write on the ipad screen but even that isn't as good as just having a good ole keyboard.  Today I'm going to talk about 3 options that I have ran across that should suit your needs.  I'm going to list these options from the most expensive to the least but if there is another option out there please share in the comments below.

My first is the Clamcase (retails at the time of this post for: 119.00 – 149.00.  I actually like this case because it reminds me of the laptop feel if you are use to that.  I can't vouch for how much protection it offers though but with this case you are more likey to treat it like your old laptop (just a much lighter version)

You can get it from here the cheapest!



My second choice, the ZAGGfolio Keyboard is a nice case but offers no protection when you come to look at it.  I liked the previous version for the iPad 1 which encapsulated the ipad in a alumimum case.  


And it can be found here:


My 3rd option is a very simple but probably bulky option, carry a bluetooth keyboard or a full size keyboard and the usb adapter for the iPad.

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard, which is a pretty basic bluetooth keyboard for the ipad.  It actually is very thin and should easily fit into a bag (probably where you put your ipad)

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Otterbox Releases New iPad 3 Case

I'm a huge fan of the otterbox series cases, I have one on my work iPad, and 2 for my iPhone but just found out that otterbox has released a new case for the iPad 3 that now has even more protection and a built in screen protector.  I would love to eval this in person, if otter box looks at this i'll give a video review :)  I have fixed a lot of iPad 2's out there that the end user bought a case that they thought was good enough, well they aren't this one IS!

You can get it OtterBox Defender Series for the New iPad (3rd Generation) and iPad 2 – Crevasse



And now for some pictures of the case:

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iPad Pen

Do you have a hard time writing on your iPad screen because your fingers are easily recongizable? Here is a quick thing you can purchase and it will make life a lot easier and also works on other devices.  This also makes life easier on drawing on your ipad for those who like to draw :)

and of course if your a Do It Yourself kinda person you can always make your own pen, i reccomend these blogs for great how-to's

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Griffin Launches AirStrap Case


I personally think this is a excellent case for K12 although it doesn't have a flip cover to it but with the added clip for the pen and stuff it maybe worth a look at if your purchasing a ipad2/3 case in the near future.

Developed with input from physicians and nurses from across the U.S.

AirStrap Med brings the convenience and security of Griffin's AirStrap case to the demanding environment of healthcare settings.

AirStrap Med is designed to make using iPad 2 and iPad (3rd gen.) in healthcare settings easier, safer and more comfortable. Using the wide, comfortable hand strap on the back of the case, it's much easier to hold the iPad with with one hand during rounds, charting and other on-the-go activities.

The lightweight, two-piece polycarbonate and silicone frame snaps securely around your iPad, sealing it against moisture and fluid intrusion on all sides. Non-slip surfaces give a positive grip whether the user is bare-handed or wearing gloves. AirStrap Med covers your iPad's Multi-Touch display by a touch-through screen protector shield that resists fingerprints and scratches. iPad's Home button and volume controls remain accessible.

Smooth non-porous surfaces are fully sanitizable with industry-standard cleaning and sterilization products.

A molded-in clip secures your stylus when not in use. Included detachable hand and shoulder straps securely clip onto reinforced points on the frame but can be quickly removed for cleaning.

To purchase this great case visit my link here

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Improve iPhone 4s & iPad Battery Life after iOS 5.1.1 update


I recently updated to the latest ios 5.1.1 on my iPhone 4s (yea i know its been out a while but i don't jump on the new bandwagon) and after I did the update I noticed that my battery life took a dump on me and the phone only lasted a few hours vs 10+ hours.

I discovered this to be a fairly common issue with users who updated iOS through on-device Over the air updates, although it doesn’t seem to be much explanation as to the cause.  But anywho here is the quick fix.

1. Perform a manual backup to iCloud or iTunes before you do this just in case (Note: this will clear your settings, apple id's, passcodes, etc so you will have to re input them)

  1. Open “Settings” and tap on “General” then “Reset”, tap on “Reset All Settings”
  2. Enter the passcode if you have one set, then tap “Reset” to confirm the settings adjustment
  3. Reboot the device and set it up as new, reentering personalization data as necessary

Battery life should be immediately improved :)

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New iPad WiFi Fix

How To Fix New iPad 3 WiFi Reception Issue? It has only been a couple of months since Apple released the New iPad, or iPad 3 as most people like to call it. Some early adopters have been complaining about poor WiFi reception. In this tutorial, you will learn how to fix new iPad WiFi reception issues, once and for all.

Contrary to popular belief, this problem is not due to a hardware defect in your brand new iPad. So before you assume that, keep in mind that this issue can easily be fixed right at home. It's quite normal for the iPad 3 to not register any wireless network signals, regardless of your distance from the router.
Follow the steps given here in order to learn how to fix new iPad 3 WiFi reception issues:

How To Fix New iPad 3 WiFi Reception Issue:

1. Go to and tap on General.
2. In General, go the Network menu followed by WiFi.
3. Tap on the blue arrow next to the name of the network your iPad is connected to.
4. Tap on Forget this Network.
5. Now go back to the previous menu and once again join the same network that you just made your iPad forget.

These five steps ought to fix New iPad WiFi reception issues. However if this does not work, try the following:
1. Open, go to General and tap on Reset.
2. Now tap on Reset Network Settings.
3. Reboot your device and connect to your desired WiFi network.

It's just as simple as that. However if you still face problems, leave a comment below and we'll help you out.

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