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Jan 28

Recover Lost & Deleted files (The Free Way)


Have you ever accidently deleted a file off your computer and emptied the recycle bin just to go dohhh.  I am going to show you some great free tools that you can use to recover you files, I would call this your first line of recovery.  Don't carry it to some computer service for this, …

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Dec 08

Keep your computer up to date!

So do you think that only updates from microsoft is enough to secure your computer? Well think again, with all the security fixes in so many programs now it is necessary to keep all your software up to date!  Today I’m going to tell you about a program called Secunia PSI which is a total …

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Dec 25

Ubuntu vs. Windows

Well my background is purely Microsoft related with all my certifcations and pc usage at work/home.  I have off and on played with linux distros and have found that the latest versions of Ubuntu 10.10 is really nice from a technical standpoint.  I have had issues with drivers and stuff on various machines that I …

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