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Feb 19

Installing tftpd32 as a service

Here is my instructions for making it a Windows Service using MS instsrv.exe and srvany.exe from Windows 2000 Resource Kit. (Sorry Can’t link it here) Download tftpd from here Install tftpd on your system, I installed it on C:\Program Files\tftpd , and my explanation will be using this dir. Get the files instsrv.exe and srvany.exe from …

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Aug 13

Windows 8 Installation (Part 1A)


This section will be pretty strait forward, if you have ever installed Windows before its a breeze.  Now keep in mind this procedure is not for MDT 2012 / SCCM 2012 (those tutorials will come later). This document is a work in progress as I find all my notes so it may change. Installing Windows: …

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Aug 13

Windows 8.1 reportedly to launch in mid-October


  UPDATE: Release Date is: October 18th Were almost there, the last suggested release date was mid to late August for OEM deployment of Windows 8.1 but it looks like that has been pushed out to mid-October which means that we probably won’t get to see it until after the OEM’s get it so that should …

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Aug 12

SCCM 2012 & WSUS Sync Timeout Error (Fixed)

Pulling out Hair

While working on my SCCM 2012 test server i kept running into the issue where my sup role was configured correctly but updates always seemed to fail.  The error was always sync timeout…. I has been driving me nuts for days (the weekend). Well go to find out I discovered that the WSUS Service would …

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Aug 10

Creating a Windows 8 Bootable USB flash drive (Part 1)


Method 1 – Creating the usb flash drive for installation (Requires at least a 4gb flash drive) 1. Download your iso from Microsoft and also download the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool 2. Follow the simple onscreen instructions and your done.  (See Below) Method 2 – Creating the usb flash drive for installation (Requires at least a …

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Aug 10

Deploying Windows 8 / 8.1 Pro & Enterprise

Before you start get to know your hardware you are working with.  I’m going to base my documentation on the Dell Latitude 10 and the Dell XPS 12.  I would highly recommend that you check your vendor hardware to make sure it supports UEFI.  The Latitude 10 is on by default and you are unable …

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Aug 08

Blogging about my Windows 8 deployment


Over the next week I plan on putting together everything I have documented about deploying windows 8 in the enterprise.  I will be discussing several options that I have found and will talk about most of them.  Now I’m sure there is always a easier way to do stuff but as I have found it …

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Jul 13

Windows 8.1 Features


I have been testing Windows 8.1 since the preview came out and just wanted to note some things I’ve seen so far so everyone else will know. 1. The windows start button is a joke but Microsoft is not going to bring back the whole start menu like before.  The start button simply goes to …

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Jan 16

Microsoft Security Essentials AV-Test certification Fails AGAIN!


  Yet Again, Microsoft Security Essentials has failed AV-Test's antivirus certification, after not meeting the criteria to pass their December 2012 testing suite. AV-Test conducts antivirus software testing every month, pitting 25 programs against 0-day attacks and known malware while also testing the repair capabilities of the software and its usability. To pass certification, the …

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Jan 05

The Top Free Photo Editing Software Available on the Internet

    When you want to edit photos without purchasing traditional photo-editing software, there are alternative options that are free of cost and available by downloading and using the tools yourself online. Using free photo editing software is a way to easily manipulate photos, change colors and add special effects, regardless of the type of …

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