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Our Trip to Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

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 Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum Visit

Well we started out to just go on the Fort Sumter tours since I have been on the USS York Town several times before but upon going up to the ticket booth a lady stopped us and said admission was free to support the veterans and we could go on for free.  Since we had a little time to kill we took her up and then went on the aircraft carrier.  Photos of the carrier and the rest of our Charleston, SC trip can be found here.  We enjoyed see the ship as always and was a little disappointed to see that the destroyer (USS Laffey) and coast guard ship were gone, when asking about it we were told the following which is the same on their website. “On August 19, the USS Laffey was moved from Patriots Point to Deyten’s Shipyard in North Charleston for repairs to her hull. While maintenance is underway, the destroyer will not be available for touring. The repairs are expected to take three to four months after which time the USS Laffey will return to Patriots Point and open, once again, to visitors”.

Hopefully they really do return instead of ending up like the nuclear ship Savannah, if you would like to find out what happened to that ship checkout my previous blog post.  I thought it was awesome that we just happen to go here on that day because they were having a ceremony and had jeeps transporting people back and forth which honestly made it look like a military base…

 Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum Visit

While walking around the ship we noticed the donation boxes and what they are needing money for, werid that the wife and myself were asking on our last Charleston, SC visit about how much money it would cost to repaint the York town.  Well the sign said 4,000,000 for the repaint and 8,000,000 for the aircraft deck to be redone.  To find out more about donations please visit their website here.

Over all as I always say I will go back to see the York Town as I have been since about 10/12 years old it is always changing and makes the trip worth while, now if they could get some decent polo shirts in the gift shop :) lol.

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Our Trip to Fort Sumter

As I talked about in my previous blog post we left the USS York town and went out to Fort Sumter since my wife and I have never been out there.  The ride out there was a little breezy but it was so beautiful out. Once we got tied to the dock and let all the cub scouts get off the boat we departed and walked passed them as they were gathering for the what to do and not do leature.  The fort was simply amazing and I love the history behind it and all the cannons that they have in place.  It would have really been cool if one of the cannons could be restored in a non-firing but movable and able to use the elevation on it.  Pictures of the fort can be found here

 Our Visit to Fort Sumter

Yet again the trip was totally worth while and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Charleston, SC.  Find out a little bit of history while in town, never hurts to know the past!!! For more information on the fort you can visit its website here

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Our Visit to Fantasy of Flight – Air Museum

While on our mini vacation in flordia a few weeks ago we decided to visit some museums and what not on different days, we tour’d NASA, a single plane in deland and then looked up this museum and got a good recommendation from mike (a family friend) so we thought that we’d head that way.  When we first arrived it didn’t look like alot but our minds soon changed once we got into the WW2 area that you enter.  It puts you back in the time frame with the battles, walk though a B17, its just simply amazing.  We also noticed that some of the WW1 era plane they had were from the movie Fly Boys & some others that were from Indiana Jones movies.

It has so far been in my life the most complete museum I have ever visited they had several half cotpits here and there you can sit in and everything was there down to each toggle switch… Not a thing out of place.

All the photos can be found on my photoblog. or click on the link on the left side

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Armed Services – Appreciation

Noticed this the other day while on our vacation in Daytona Beach eating lunch/dinner at “Pickadillies”. We got our food which looked alot better than it tasted but ended up sitting down in the middle of a National Guard/Reserve unit eating their food.  On several occasions during our meal and even after several older couples came up to the troops and individually hugged each one and thanked them for the service they are doing for our country.  Some of the people managed to even get a peck from the female troops lol, you really don’t see this now a days.  I have been out and about before with troops or sat around them and people just don’t do this in Greenville.  If they do at least I have never seen it.

Maybe it’s something with Flordia?  While down here for 3 days so far everyone has been so nice, nothing compare to back in greenville or even myrtle beach.  So next time you see any military personal take a moment and thank them, even if you don’t agree with what they are doing they are doing it because they have to follow orders!

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Hard Rock Park, Really Worth It?

We visited Hard Rock Park while on vacation last week and with all the hype we saw for it were truely dissapointed.  Out of all the rides they had there were only 3 that we could go on.  The smaller roller coaster/big one/and the 3D tour.

I find it upsetting that the pavilion is now gone along with a ton of little places to go along Kings Hwy for this.  While there we came across someone who we thought was a manager and he asked what we thought of the park and his reply was it is a “Show” park not a ride park!

WTF?  A show park?  I paid 50.00 for each of us to get into to watch a show??? I wanted some rides, even the children rides were closed and I witnessed a kid who was a finger under the hight requirment get told that he could not get on and the parents became upset and told the ride attendant that what else is he going to do everything else is “CLOSED”

When it came time to get some grub we said lets try alice’s place there, sounded pretty good.  I should have realized what kind of service we were going to get when the place was empty and took 3 waitresses 5 minutes to come seat us (keep in mind they were looking at us the whole time).  So finally Debra comes over and seats us and one of my wife’s friends ask if they serve beer and she said Yes we do…. ok great, do you have a menu? (NO). What kind of beers do you have? (she starts naming them off) and her friend picks one.  The lady ask for her ID and it takes her 3 minutes to figure out if she is old enough…… (weird)

When we were sat we sat in to groups, me and my wife on one side and the friend on the other side.  So after we ordered the kids meals (that are no way for kids). Having to wait for refils for ever, and on top of all that the check time.  She hands us the check and we put both our debit cards she asked WHY are there 2 cards in here?  of which we answered the bill was suppose to be split both ways.  She sighs and got pissed at us and storms off.  The friend told her to use the wacovia card for her meal and the other card for my wife’s and my meal.  Well 5 minutes go by and she comes out demanding, “DO I USE THIS CARD? for the chicken?” Like I have telephoto vision and can read from across a room so we just said yes.

She hands us the receipts for singing/tips and noticed that the merchant copy said 15.26 with no tip box, total box, etc.  I was wondering why and then our copy “Customer Copy” had all this stuff so I just signed the merchant one.  Figuring if there was a mess up “Debra” would tell us but instead of waiting for us to leave she picks up her little black check book off the table and looks at them right in front of us and gets all pissy again and tells us to have a nice day while walking away shaking her head left and right and fussing with one of her co-workers.

Now if she somehow thought she would have gotten a tip regardless I can assure you she wouldn’t due to her lack of respect for the customer and attitude toward us.  This has so far been the worse experience I have received at the beach and I would hope that the personal there treated their “Paying” customers better.  We paid 95.00 just to get into hard rock park and were treated like we just walked out of a back alley.

Just my little rant!


Nuclear Ship Savannah, Where are you now?

Well I remember when being just a kid visiting patriots point to look at the york town (Aircraft carrier), USS Laffely (Detroyer), USS Ingham (Coast Guard Ship) and Submarine Clamagore.  We vistied the museam a few years ago and noticed that the Savannah was gone but didn't think to ask anyone about it. We went there the other day and noticed that the ship USS Laffey was moved across from the coast guard ship at which time I told the wife, I know it was next to the sub.  With most of the ships being surrounded by sailing boats (aholes!) I knew the savannah would not be back.  It really upsets me to be standing on the flight deck of the york town and not being able to take a good picture because some yahtman wannabe has to surround the Coastguard & Laffely with their sail boats, I mean come on there not on the damn tour get them out of here lol. After we got back I uploaded the pictures to my new photo gallery See here for those photos If you want to look at the whole gallery of the other pictures I took while there visit: Here goes some of the information I found about the savannah on the internet incase anyone else is looking. Wikipedia NS Savannah Satellite photo of her current resting place in the ghost fleet


Update: The ship is in baltamore shipyard undergoing a complete renovation :) I am so happy to see it being restored and will visit her once again once complete.

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