Teens, “Apple is dead, we want Microsoft & Samsung”

Microsoft Surface – Commercial HD

Teenagers know what's cool as many of you can tell teens generally like the opposite of what their parents find cool.  While Apple is still winning the market with the iPhone, iPad and the new Macs.  Just last week, Forbes.com reported that the younger crowd's opinion of apple dropping off faster than a car off a cliff.  Teens are becoming more interested in the new Samsung S3 and Note 2 and even the mighty iPad is starting to fall to the Microsoft surface (thank you Microsoft since apple doesn't make a enterprise device)  For more info please visit the source.

While we weren't’t surprised to hear about Samsung’s success, given their great sales numbers recently, we were shocked to hear that teens are in favor of the latest Microsoft Surface tablet. Although we really liked the tablet, sales haven’t exactly been rocking the world. That said, this is good news for Redmond and it will be interesting to see if they can leverage the popularity to sell more of the Surface RT and the Surface Pro when it’s released.

We shall see that if in time Apple will become the cool devices again possibly with the rumors of the iPad Mini Retina, iPhone 5S and the possibility of a cheaper iPhone…..  Its nice to see that Apple while unaffected at the moment may have the battle again like they did back in the 80's.  They seem to have forgotten thats why we went PC, because you made it impossible to join the enterprise with your devices!

Source: Forbes

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