The Top Free Photo Editing Software Available on the Internet



When you want to edit photos without purchasing traditional photo-editing software, there are alternative options that are free of cost and available by downloading and using the tools yourself online. Using free photo editing software is a way to easily manipulate photos, change colors and add special effects, regardless of the type of design you have in mind for your own photos.

Editing photos can be a great way to spice up your photos while also adding fun effects to share with your friends and family instantly. Many online photo editors and programs allow you to quickly upload and share your creations by connecting to various social networking accounts you already use. Using photo editors online can save from being required to invest hundreds of dollars into professional programs that have similar features to all of the free editors that are currently available.



GIMP is a free downloadable photo-editing program that is available on Windows operating systems. Using GIMP requires hard drive space and an installation for the software to work properly. Photo enhancement, advanced tool bars for levels and color and special effects are all available with the use of GIMP. GIMP is capable of saving files in various formats ranging from classic JPG, GIF and TIF images to PSD and PNG file types. You can easily important any type of photo or image to edit with GIMP once the software has been installed. 



Pixlr is an online photo editing service that is free and offers a wide range of features that are similar to the most advanced photo-editing programs on the market today. With Pixlr, it is possible to create your own images, use layers and choose specific fonts to add to any images you want to make. Pixlr also includes adjustment layers for advanced photo editing as well as plugin filters and options to choose from for added effects to any images you are working on. Pixlr's online photo-editing application is also available on mobile phones, depending on the phone you own and your current mobile service provider.



BeFunky is another online photo editing service that allows you to add photos via webcam, social media accounts and even from your computer's own hard drive. There are plenty of features and effects that you can choose from with BeFunky's editor. Resizing, cropping, rotating and even changing the brightness of your photos is possible with just a click of the mouse. You can also choose to add fish eye, matte, vignette or blur effects to any type of photo you choose to edit. Special effects can also be applied to instantly change the appearance of photos including using pop art, sepia and even motion color effect options.



LunaPic is a free, yet simple online photo editing service that provides a simplistic upload button to add and begin editing your own photos within your browser. Adding text, erasing strokes and even playing with different special effects with LunaPic can be done with a click of the mouse. In addition to color effects and the ability to add your very own text, LunaPic also provides animation special effects including animated rain and transitions for moving pictures you can create. Adding custom picture frames or creating an entire collage of images can be done with the features of LunaPic.


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