Top IPAD Apps 2011-2012

So you got a new IPAD 2  for Christmas and are wondering what you can do with it now. I usually only use free apps at this time but if the application I list is a paid app I'll stick the price beside the app. Also see my Article on ipad security
Applications List:
1.  Pandora – Free personalized radio that only plays music you'll love.  Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a custom "station" that plays similar music.
2.  Google+ – Connect to your friends on the new growing social network.
3.  Facebook – Must have to keep in touch for all people on facebook.
4.  Flipboard – Excellent news reading application that can tie into your Facebook & Twitter accounts and gives everything a easy to read newspaper like layout.
5.  Camera+ (Cost .99)  – Camera+ will help bring that creativity out in you, all with a fun, innovative, and beautiful design.
6. Instagram – Allows you to edit photos and give them some neat effects.
7.  Google Earth – You have seen it on the computer before, a very cool app for the ipad 2
8. Twitter – Follow you interests: instant updates from your friends, family, industry experts, favorite celebrities, etc.
9. Find My iPhone – You take your iPhone everywhere. Which means you might leave it anywhere. Whether it’s at the office in a conference room or under a pillow on your couch, chances are it won’t be lost for long.  Also see how to set this app up here:
10.  Netflix (Existing Netflix Subscription Required) – Watch all your favorite tv shoes, movies, tech stuff and more.
11. Action Movie FX – Great movie effects application  (Free for limited time)
Cloud Storage: (You can pick between these or use both)
1. Dropbox - Bring your files with you when you're on the go, add files to your favorites for offline viewing, easily upload photos and videos to drop box and share them freely with family and friends.  There is a basic version which is free and gives you 2gb of storage.
2. Windows Skydrive – Same as dropbox but it gives you 25GB of free cloud storage.
3. Apple iCloud – Doesn't sync all things but more info here:  
1. Angry Birds – Yes that addicted game everyone has to have. This list will change from time to time as I add new apps but for the moment these are the ones I use.

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